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Corporate Car Services/Black Car Services:

We provide a complete travel solution from Sedans to Private aviation. Our service is specifically tailored to meet the expectations of busy corporate travelers who want reliability, familiarity and attention to detail.

With service available 24 hours a day, late-model fleet, experienced chauffeurs, and real time flight tracking system, we are equipped to keep you on schedule and up to speed with today’s global economy.

Your organizations’ exclusive use of Corporate Class Limo INC. ensures the following:

- 10-20% discount on all your corporate travel needs.

- Sponsor your company events

-  Nationwide Travel


CCL Management Approch:

Corporate Class Limousine (CCL) success in the past is directly correlated to our attention to detail and the personalized service it provides to its’ clients.  Our management plan for conducting business with you will consist of allocating an account manager.  The account manager will assist with the necessary project matters which impact expenditures, production schedules, or any other issues which will affect timeliness and quality of services, all CCL staff, including back up chauffeurs will be required to know account activities.  (Example: VIPs, directions to a specific location, or an alternative route for a particular client).


CCL Management will provide:


 Open door policy, which refers to meeting any special requirements or instructions by (your organization)

 1.5 MILLION dollars insurance policy

 Mandatory Car Washes and cleanliness of Vehicles.

 The appropriate number of properly licensed and fully trained Chauffeurs.

 Ensure the efficient dispatch and monitoring of sedans through our existing 24 hour dispatch office.

 All (AM) Chauffeurs are given a 2 wake up calls, (2 hours and then 1 hour) prior to the pick-up time.

 All (PM) Chauffeurs are to report to CCL office via telephone or radio to maintain communication.

      Electronic invoices and online reservations system



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